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Manufacturer of 
SPECIALTY Adsorbent Filtration Media


Anywhere odor or chemical control is needed, we can design a product to assist you. Substrates are available in varying weight, thickness, and construction, allowing custom filtration effects at reasonable prices.


Our impregnation technologies allow contaminant targeting using specific adsorbents and combinations of adsorbents in a single media.


Gremarco provides superior specialty filtration media products at competitive prices.  Products are sold in rolls or bulk components that can be customized to elevate your streamline your manufacturing processes.  We can also provide complete retail packaged filters upon request.

Gremarco was founded almost 40 years ago to provide the filtration industry with Specialty Adsorbent Filtration Media to enhance filtration offerings and products for filter manufacturers. We are a nimble, innovative supplier, focused on the needs of our customers.

We use superior raw materials to provide unsurpassed quality and work tirelessly to contain our costs, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing. 

Gremarco is, above all, committed to working together with our customers, employees and vendors to provide environmentally sound products in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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